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You asked for it, you got it. A no-frills guide to feeling sexier – fast! This is not a cookbook (although you will find 40+ quick and easy recipes within it's pages), it's a tell-all guide to everything I know about perfect health, and what's stopping you from achieving it. Forget everything else, just focus on cleansing and nourishing your body and the rest will fall into place. This isn't about rapid weight-loss (although I'd be astonished if you didn't lose some weight in the next 20 days!), it's about good health. To achieve that, we'll simply be eliminating the foods that irritate you – that bloat you, that puff you up, that make you retain water, that give you gas, that make your skin spotty, that make you tired, that make you feel 'blah'. When you eliminate these irritants from your diet, and replace them with nutrient-dense, wildly colourful plant-based superfoods, you'll be quickly rewarded with clean skin, more energy, a positive mood and a flat, happy tummy – just in time for Christmas. You'll feel sexier. Naturally.      

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The ultimate cookbook for achieving super-natural health. Including over 60 incredible sugar free vegan recipes (most are gluten free too!) you’ll be amazed at how delicious plant-based food can be!

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Nancy Chalmers

Health and Fitness Coach – Sugar Free She-Wolf


Can you remember a time when you felt so incredible, it was as if you had super powers? Imagine it. You are buzzing. Smiling from ear to ear. Electric with excitement. Its like your skin is on fire. Maybe you just won a race, or had the best sex of your life, or landed your dream job… or maybe you just finally fit into your skinny jeans! Whatever it is, your super powers are ON. In this moment, you feel impossibly Sexy Super Natural. But what if you could feel this good every single day? What’s the secret?

I’ve spent the last 15 years relentlessly committed to nailing that secret. And now that I have, I want to share it with you…

In addition to being obsessed with feeling good, I truly believe that what you put out to the universe comes back. I believe in generosity – that means sharing my passion, laughter, knowledge, energy and time with the world. So I became a Health Coach and launched Sexy Super Natural.

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, you can look to me for expert advice on health, nutrition and fitness. I’m the author of the best-selling book The Sexy Sugar Free Vegan Project and have recently developed The Sexy Super Natural 6 Week Program. I’m a passionate proponent of the healing, energising, performance-enhancing, mood-elevating, beautifying and aphrodisiac power of pure food and pleasurable exercise. If you’re ready to change your life, I can show you how to wake up feeling Sexy Super Natural every single day.




Are you ready to feel Sexy Super Natural but don’t know where to start? Generic health and fitness programs will only get you so far. To achieve optimum results, you’ll need a program that is expertly calculated for your body type and lifestyle. As a qualified Health Coach, this is exactly what I can offer you. Book a consultation with me today and I can tailor a program and meal plan that is perfectly suited to your individual needs. With my help, you could feel sexier in 6 weeks!




I can coach you to achieve that Sexy Super Natural health you’ve always wanted – and show you how to stay that way for good! This is great if you struggle with motivation, are fed up with the results roller coaster and all the conflicting information out there – or even if you’ve hit a plateau with your health and fitness goals. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader, training buddy and health and fitness geek. I’ll be there every step of the way to answer all of your questions. I will have a look at your current diet and exercise regime and make all the adjustments needed for you to start to see some real results. What’s more I’ll be checking in with you regularly to make sure you’re on track. I can be your guru!




Boy, are you in for a treat! I’ve worked with Nancy for quite some time – we’re both food and exercise geeks! There’s really something quite special about this girl. She radiates positive energy, and knows how to ‘play hard’ – I’m addicted to it! Her enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for health and nutrition is unparalleled. She does something that very few others do in this industry… she puts her money where her mouth is – that is, she has tried and tested everything herself. She is a nutter in the kitchen, a devil on the track, and one of the most genuinely kind people you’ll ever meet.

Charby Ibrahim – Nutritional Health Coach / Personal Trainer / Writer
The Ancestral Body


The Sexy Sugar-Free Vegan Project is an amazing combination of info, recipes and gorgeous photos. If you’re like me and pick what to make from pictures, then you’ll only get a few pages in, since the food shots are so stunning.

Paul Jarvis – Author
Eat Awesome


The Sexy Sugar Free Vegan Project is a beautifully presented eBook full of sugar-free goodness. Nancy tells us how she finally got off a merry-go-round of what she thought was healthy eating peppered with bouts of binging that lead to some serious issues with her wellbeing. Sound familiar? Well, the key for her was giving up sugar in all its forms.

Amanda Haywood – Health Coach / Nutritionist
Kitchen Karma


When Nancy’s latest project winged it’s way to my inbox, it was with absolute delight that I set eyes on the most beautifully scrumptious looking eBook. Not only is it visually stunning, but it proves that it is possible to remove sugar from your diet and never miss out on delicious treats. It also demonstrates just how much fun you can have on a plant based diet. This eBook is a must have for those of us looking for sugar-free, plant based alternatives in our diets.

Amy Crawford – Health and Wellness Practitioner
The Holistic Ingredient



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Ready to start living a Sexy Super Natural life today? Go on, ask me how! Whether you’re interested in my health coaching services, personalised programs and meal plans, or would like to book me for your next event, send me a message below. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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